Advancing Medical Rehabilitation around the World

The International Rehabilitation Fund (IRF) brings together people and institutions that have the passion, expertise and interests in solving issues abroad relating to rehabilitation medicine. We work with universities, governments, and NGOs to accomplish our goals for medical rehabilitation around the world.

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IRF Coronavirus Rehabilitation Tools

Including expert rehabilitation from the very beginning of a health crisis means better functional outcomes for patients. The International Rehabilitation Forum’s global team of volunteer rehabilitation medicine experts has devised several tools to help hospital personnel and patients dealing with COVID-19 work towards better long-term health and a way to release beds for additional care.

We encourage free sharing of our materials, with attribution if possible.For a list of practical tools click CLICK HERE

ADA 30th Anniversary

On July 30th, 2020, the Americans with Disability Act will celbrate its 30th Anniversary with virtual activites all over the United States. IRF Communications Director Tom Haig, a paraplegic since 1996, has a few thoughts on the milestone.

Tom Haig on 30th Anniversary of ADA

IRF Engagement Survey

Over the last decade, the International Rehabilitation Forum has helped build medical rehabilitation around the world. It is time to take a fresh look at the mission, vision, and structure of our organization. As supporters of the IRF we need your insights. Please fill out this brief 15 question survey.

IRF Engagement Survey

Future Leaders Conference

Plans are being made for a virtual conference for future IRF leaders. The conference is geared towards young physicians, nurses and therapists who are currently working in low resource areas. The conference is targeted for late August 2020, but date and attendees are yet to be determined. For more information contact Dr. Yunni Sinskey via email


On the Ground

Building the Organization

Some current projects include:

  • The African Fellowship Project

    The continent of Africa bears 24% of the world’s burden of disease but has only 3% of health providers, on a budget of less than 1% of the worlds health expenditure. The IRF is hoping to change that. Click here to examine our current efforts.

  • Cinema Dakar

    Cinema Dakar is a project in conjunction with the Centre Talibou Dabo, a K-12 school in Dakar, Senegal that caters to students with disability. For a comprehensive description of Cinema Dakar, please click here.

  • IRF Fellows/Mentors

    The IRF helps facilitate and connect fellows with projects in rural and developing regions to improve medical rehabilitation. For a list of mentors click here

  • The Africa Strategy meeting: With only about 10 rehabilitation physicians in subsaharan Africa, there are many more African rehabilitation doctors working overseas than on the continent. The IRF is planning a meeting of the expert diaspora in the United States so that they can unify and intelligently create change for their families back home. The conference requires major funding including travel funds for African experts to attend.

To encourage involvement of the poorest rehabilitation professional from around the world the IRF charges no membership fees. Thus, its programs are completely dependent on donations from the leadership and others who understand the critical need.


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