IRF Fellows

An important role of the IRF is to facilitate international rehabilitation research and education. In some cases we have provided funding or equipment; in many other cases we have made the connections between funding sources or our partner academic departments to make the exchanges happen.

Ben Kelemen. Between graduation from Columbia University and beginning medical school at Johns Hopkins University, Ben spent half of a year in the fishing village of Anamabo, Ghana, where he performed the first comprehensive survey of disability using the Language Independent Functional Evaluation (L.I.F.E.) in Ghana.

Jesse Loar. In the summer after his freshman year of medical school at the University of Michigan, Jesse designed and implemented a trial of the Language Independent Functional Evaluation (L.I.F.E.) in Mongolia. His work has been presented at the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey, and is in review for publication in a major medical journal.

Adodeji Adewole, M.D. Dr. Adewole, graduate of the University of Ghana working in an occupational medicine position, received the prestigious Globus Award from the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. This award allowed him to train in spine rehabilitation for 6 months at the University of Michigan. During that time Dr. Adewole also performed research on spinal disorders.

Burton Engel, M.D. Chief Resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan, with experience as a business consultant, Dr. Engel spent a month at Kumi Hospital in Uganda, working on a sustainable business plan for a medical rehabilitation center there. This was funded through a partnership between the University of Michigan School of Medicine and School of Business; funded by the Davidson Entrepreneurial Institute.

Asare Christian, M.D. After completing medical school at the University of Michigan, Dr. Christian spent a summer back in his native Ghana, where he studied rehabilitation needs of persons discharged from a major trauma center. He will begin his residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2009.


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