What we do -

We build sustainable medical rehabilitation programs where they do not exist. IRF acts as an intelligent catalyst, rather than provider of healthcare. We act as a platform or tool for our colleagues who need help on projects.

We build programs that relate to:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Advocacy

Work Groups

Emergency Rehabilitation Work Group

Works to address the acute need for medical rehabilitation to be inserted into emergency management of disasters

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Community Based Rehabilitation Work Group

Works to address the need for sophisticated medical expertise in CBR programs

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IRF Fellows

The IRF helps facilitate and connect fellows with projects in rural and developing regions to improve medical rehabilitation.


IRF Document Server

IRF Members are encouraged to contact Executive Director, Sierra Loar at IRFoffice@gmail to obtain access to our document database.

Documents are for member-use only, may be works in progress and are not to be considered in any way official IRF statements or policies.


On the Ground

  The Kumi Project

Dr. William Chavey of the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine and Dr. Paul Clyde of the University’s Ross School of Business have taken a creative look at improving healthcare in developing regions

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After Aids Day

While AIDS-related deaths can be devastating for families, AIDS-related disabilities are causing increasing ruin for larger societies in the marginal economies of Africa and other developing nations. In order to highlight the overwhelming needs to support disability-related programs please join the International Rehabilitation Forum and recognize December 2nd, as After-AIDS Day.

Click HERE to download After-AIDS Day activity kit


Additional Resources

  The IRF supports the mission of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The W.H.O. has divided the Rehabalitation Medicine World into six official regions. Click Here for a list of national rehabilitation programs throughout the world.
  The IRF is affiliated with several universities and NGO's. Click Here for the list.

If you would like your organization listed, please email IRF Communications Director, Tom Haig. .


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